IZotope Ozone 11 Std UG 9 10

iZotope Ozone 11 Std UG 9 10 Std, Metering Plugin Bundle (Download)@ *Upgrade from 9 10 Standard to 11 Standard*, Professional mastering tools with numerous editing options, Master Assistant AI supported matching technology for sound, dynamics stereo width as well as Vocal Checker vocals in the mix, Configures chain by it to a reference Ozone's presets of chart hits, an audio file loaded as or Audiolens generated user targets, View allows precise


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Bitwig Studio Producer Upgrade Plan

Bitwig Studio Producer Upgrade Plan, (Download)@ *Upgrade version requires a registered licence 5 or newer*, 12 Months of updates for 5 or


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Klevgrand Haaze

Klevgrand Haaze, Stereo Enhancer Plug In (Download), processing on 16 independent frequency bands, Haas controls delays between left right channels on each band, Pan allows individual pan positions per M S the stereo width for Gain by level correction, Draw mode easy drawing of desired curve, Each with display of level, Many presets a quick start


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AIR Music Technology Strike

AIR Music Technology Strike, Virtual Drum Production Studio (Download), Elaborately produced drum plug in, Recorded at the famous Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, 19 Editable kits, from an acoustic RnB set to a funky acid jazz to a heavily reverberated big 1980s and much more., Real time performance engine enables realistic grooves with human like timing a wide range of tweaking options such as intensity, complexity, timing, groove, playing


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Waves DTS Neural Surround Collection

Waves DTS Neural Surround Collection, Plugin Bundle (Download), Helpful conversion tools developed under licence from for artefact free in real time with accurate sound reproduction, Suitable upmix and downmix applications in film post live streaming of sports or music broadcasts or also processing old mono recordings, UpMix stereo to 5.1 or 7.1, DownMix mixes or to stereo, Mono to Mono2Stereo


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Waves Feedback Hunter

Waves Feedback Hunter, Plugin (Download), for suppressing feedback, Innovative tool the live area maximum levels with minimum susceptibility to Analyses tuning of microphones, monitors and PA creates an optimised EQ curve to minimise risk of Quick set up in approx. 30 seconds, Manual correction of frequency response, Adjustable headroom, Also works in noisy environments


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Arturia V Collection X

Arturia V Collection X, Plug In Bundle (Download), Comprehensive collection of 39 instruments for sound designers and composers, live keyboardists tinkerers, music producers many more., Provides a wide range of from emulations of well known synthesiser classics virtual pianos to new experimental generators, Well over 10,000 presets including three exclusive banks with central convenient control via Analog Lab, Each has a standardised browser quickly


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Eventide DeBoom

Eventide DeBoom, Plugin for correcting low frequencies (Download), Effect designed and processing based on structural split technology, Analyses breaks down the incoming signal into transient tonal parts further processing, Simple operation via one knob, Quickly easily eliminates frequency blurring without impairing sound quality, Allows shaping in bass range damaging structures, Useful optimising improving


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Bitwig Studio Essentials UG 8 Track

Bitwig Studio Essentials UG 8 Track, Audio MIDI sequencer (DAW) (Download)@ *Upgrade from 8 to current version, requires a registered 8 licence*, Software for composition, intuitive production and live performances, Support up to four audio inputs eight outputs, Unlimited number of audio, effect tracks as well as VST CLAP plug ins with sidechain support, Versatile functionality hybrid tracks, arranger mixer clip launcher, automation, dynamic inspector


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Eventide MicroPitch Immersive

Eventide MicroPitch Immersive, Multi channel pitch shifter plug in (download), Spreading effect from the well known Harmoniser series extended to current multi formats, Two voice with 50 or 50 cent detuning and up to 2 seconds delay per voice, Extensive detune options different pairs, Enables slapback effects through longer times, Modulation chorus like effects, Morph control seamless blending between two configurations, Kill Wet Dry buttons drastic


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