Routledge Kierkegaard and Levinas

The Danish Christian existentialist S ren Kierkegaard (1813 1855) and the Jewish Lithuanian born French interpreter of modern phenomenology Emmanuel Levinas (1906 1995) have enabled theology philosophy to illuminate confront one another i


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Oxford University Press A Voice in the Wilderness

In April 1888, Andrew Jenson, Danish immigrant and convert to the Mormon faith, received an unexpected invitation from church leaders to speak at their general conference. was an outsider to this tradition, a layman whose only st


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Oxford University Press Islamophobia

Islamophobia has been on the rise since September 11, as seen in countless cases of discrimination, racism, hate speeches, physical attacks, and anti Muslim campaigns. The 2006 Danish cartoon crisis controversy surrounding Pope Benedict XV


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University of Utah Press Danish, But Not Lutheran

The Danish Mormon migration to Utah in the nineteenth century was, relative to population size, one of largest European religious out migrations in history. Hundreds of thousands of Americans trace their ancestry to Mormons, but few


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Bloomsbury Academic Secularism, Theology and Islam

Secularism, Theology and Islam offers a uniquely theological analysis of historic Danish cartoon crisis of 2005 2006, in which publication of twelve images of Prophet Muhammad in newspaper Jyllands Posten i


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Cambridge University Press Kierkegaard and the Theology of Nineteenth

This study shows Kierkegaard's mature theological writings reflect engagement with wide range of positions which he encountered as a student, including German and Danish Romanticism, Hegelianism of Fichte a


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Routledge Comparative Vandalism

First published in 1998, this volume is a study of Asger Jorn's attempt to formulate the 'first complete revision of existing philosophical system' from standpoint of artist in period 1961 67.The Danish (1


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Palgrave Macmillan Writing and Producing Television Drama in Denmark

Offering unique insights into the writing and production of television drama series such as The Killing Borgen, produced by DR, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Novrup Redvall explores creative collaborations in writers' rooms 'pro


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Princeton Kierkegaard's Writings, XIII, Volume 13

The Corsair affair has been called the "most renowned controversy in Danish literary history." At center is S0ren Kierkegaard, whose pseudonymous Stages on Life's Way occasioned a frivolous and dishonorable review b


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Routledge Postcolonial Denmark

This book adopts a global approach to analysing Danish nationhood in the current context of a Europe paralysed by crises. Focusing on strands which have produced understandings of national selfhood as a consequence of a series of histor


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