Bloomsbury Academic Lars von Trier's Women

The Danish director Lars von Trier is undoubtedly one of the world's most important and controversial filmmakers, arguably so because of depiction of women in his films. He has been criticized for subjecting female characters to unacce


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Danish Design Montre pour femme IV98Q1288

Danish Design Montre pour femme IV98Q1288 de dans la couleur bleu. La matière du produit est Acier inoxydable.


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Cambridge University Press Kierkegaard and the Theology of Nineteenth

This study shows Kierkegaard's mature theological writings reflect engagement with wide range of positions which he encountered as a student, including German and Danish Romanticism, Hegelianism of Fichte a


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Kinguin STCC The Game 2 Expansion Pack for RACE 07 Steam CD Key

STCC The Game 2 est un jeu de course basé sur la saison 2010 du Swedish Touring Car Championship ainsi que la Scandinavian Cup, qui inclut les voitures et pilotes du Danish Touringcar Championship. Le plus prestigieux championnat de sport mécanique de Scandinavie. Conduisez de 18 uniques dans deux classes différentes avec de 45 peintures modèles. "STCC 2" améliore le genre de la de voiture. Choisissez votre selon style de co...


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Routledge Kierkegaard and Levinas

The Danish Christian existentialist S ren Kierkegaard (1813 1855) and the Jewish Lithuanian born French interpreter of modern phenomenology Emmanuel Levinas (1906 1995) have enabled theology philosophy to illuminate confront one another i


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Princeton Paradoxes of Liberal Democracy

In 2005, twelve cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed appeared in Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten, igniting a political firestorm over demands by some Muslims that claims of their religious faith take precedence freedom of e


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Danish Design Montre pour femme IV91Q1268

Danish Design Montre pour femme IV91Q1268 de dans la couleur jaune doré. La matière du produit est Acier inoxydable.


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Palgrave Pivot A Historical Account of Danish Sociology

This book provides the first English language account of history of Danish sociology, examining it from late 19th century to present day. Focusing on discipline's struggle for recognition in Denmark, it is a case study of how


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Princeton Kierkegaard's Writings, XXIV, Volume 24

Kierkegaard was driven to write The Book on Adler after news spread that a Danish pastor, Adolph P. Adler, claimed to have experienced a revelation in which Christ dictated a doctrine. Like many others, intrigued by Ad


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Cambridge University Press Religious Offence and Human Rights

Should international law be concerned with offence to religions and their followers? Even before 2005 publication of Danish Mohammed cartoons, Muslim States have endeavoured to establish some reputational protection on in


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